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  • 更轻松、更有效的节省了您的时间。

  • 拥有更健康的牙龈和更清洁的牙齿只需要7天。

  • 临床证明,可以有效的去除99%的菌斑。

  • 创新二合一脉冲水牙线和脉动牙线系统。

  • 这种全新的家庭洁牙设备成熟的结合了传统的脉冲水牙线和机械清洁擦洗功能。

  • 实验室测试证明清洁效果要比传统水牙线在牙菌斑生物膜的能力高240%。

  • 有效、安全、易于使用。

  • 非常建议所有带牙箍、种植牙、牙齿矫正、牙龈炎、清洁智齿的人使用。

  • 独特的感应充电器和USB电源适配器可以让您在世界上任何的从100到240vac的地方使用。

Power Floss System

Combines Dental Floss with Water-Jet Power
  • The easy, more effective and time saving way to floss.

  • Healthier gums and cleaner teeth in 7 days.

  • Clinically proven to remove up to 99% of plaque from treated areas.

  • An innovative two-in-one pulsating water irrigator and electric dental floss system.

  • This new home dental device combines the proven benefits of pulsed water irrigation with the mechanical scrubbing and cleaning action of traditional dental floss.

  • Lab test proven to be 240% more effective to remove plaque and biofilm than any other oral irrigator.

  • Effective, safe and easy to use.

  • Perfect for anyone with implants, crowns, braces, bridges of periodontal pockets.

  • Unique Inducting charger and USB AC adapter allows you to use in any environment from 100 to 240 VAC worldwide.



JP50 Power Handle, 3x Jetpik Nozzle, 10x Floss Cartridges, Water Tube & Clip, Water Reservoir Cup, UV Sanitizer, Tongue Cleaner, Accessory Holder and cup cover, Travel Kit Case, Charger Base, USB AC Adapter, Instruction Manual

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